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1-Introduction To The Course.mp4
12-Android-s Architecture.mp4
13-Android Data Structures and File Systems.mp4
14-Android Apps.mp4
15-Android Security Model.mp4
16-Android Permissions.mp4
17-Google Bouncer.mp4
18-Difference Between Android Emulator & Android Device.mp4
19-Interacting With Android device Via Usb.mp4
20-All About Rooting.mp4
23-Busy Box.mp4
24-Setting Up A Proxy for Android Emulator.mp4
25-Setting Up A Proxy for Android Device.mp4
26-Installing CA certificate.mp4
27-Real World MITM and SSL MITM Attacks Part-1.mp4
28-Real World MITM and SSL MITM Attacks Part -2.mp4
29-Data Manipulation.mp4
3-Course Instructions.mp4
30-Apk files in a nutshell.mp4
31-Introduction to Reverse Engineering.mp4
32-Reversing to get Source Code of Android Apps.mp4
33-Reverse Engineering with APKTOOL.mp4
35-Dynamic Vs Static Analysis.mp4
36-Static analysis of Android Malwares.mp4
37-Dynamic analysis of Android Malwares.mp4
38-Introduction to Android Tamer.mp4
39-Dynamic Analysis with DroidBox.mp4
4-Need For Mobile Security And Owasp Top 10 Mobile Risks.mp4
40-Installing JSinfosec Vulnerable Apps.mp4
41-Introduction to Android App pentesting.mp4
42-Fuzzing Android Apps with Burp - Proxy.mp4
43-Fuzzing Android Apps with Burp - Intruder.mp4
44-Attacking Authentication.mp4
45-Content Provider Leakage.mp4
46-Client Side Injection.mp4
47-Insecure Data Storage - Shared Preferences.mp4
48-Insecure Data Storage - SQLite Databases.mp4
49-Unintended Data Leakage.mp4
5-Lab Setup.mp4
50-Broken Cryptography.mp4
51-Automated Security Assessments with Drozer.mp4
52-Exploiting Android Devices Using Metasploit.mp4
53-Android Device Protection.mp4
54-Bypassing Android Locks.mp4
55-Android Data Extraction.mp4
57-PWN Pad on Nexus 7.mp4
58-Kali Linux on Android.mp4
6-Installing Ubuntu On VMware.mp4
60-Android Security Practices.mp4
61-Course Summary And Revision.mp4
7-Setting Up An Android Pen-testing Environment on Ubuntu.mp4
8-Eclipse IDE.mp4
9-Android Debug Bridge.mp4

Download 1 : http://dl2.ehsanavr.com/1394/2-6/Udemy%20A...om%5D.part1.rar

Download : 2 : http://dl2.ehsanavr.com/1394/2-6/Udemy%20A...om%5D.part2.rar
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