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Konu: Floodbox.org — International SMS & EMAIL Bomber from 0.05$ Yazar: Atex
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Floodbox.org is a completely anonymous email spam service. A great tool if you need to send a large number of emails to a specified email account. Also, our service supports sms spam phones of any country in the world, but this feature is in beta and may work differently for different carriers.

We don-t collect any data and don-t even require an email for registration. You can top up your balance for any amount using cryptocurrencies or buy a promo code, and the cost of services starts at only $0.05 per minute. 

Enjoy — Floodbox.org
If you need help, connect with support via telegram: t.me/atex_support
Discounts for orders of 60 minutes and more

A small but very nice update to the service. Now any task lasting 60 minutes or more will cost 20 percent less. Service itself will calculate the discount and show the new price when you create a task and specify the desired time. This benefit applies to flooding of e-mails and cell phones.
Telegram technical support has changed.

Please be careful, the new login telegram technical support - t.me/atex_support. If you sent your request to the old address and did not receive an answer - send it again to the new contact information, we apologize for the inconvenience.
The deposit became faster

Now the crediting of funds to the account is much faster processed on the side of the site, you only need one confirmation from the bitcoin or lightcoin network. After that, the balance can already be used. Previously, it was necessary to wait for at least three confirmations for the money to be credited and ready for use.
More fixes and improvements to the service

We are constantly working to improve our service and are happy to announce a pack of new fixes. We-ve worked on the performance as well as the usability of the interface, added new links and buttons, and changed some lettering and blocks. These are minor changes, but we are happy to report that we are constantly working to make our service more convenient for our users.
Big summer update

There are a lot of little changes in this big summer update. The main change is the price. Now one minute of email costs only $0.03, and from 60 minutes the discount is 10%. It used to cost from $0.05 per minute, almost twice as much.

We continue to work on making the service pleasant and convenient to use, periodically changing some parts of the interface. Also we did not forget about the work on site stability, bug fixes and most importantly - adding the list of services for sending emails to work even faster.
Big autumn update

First of all we want to inform you that we made our service even more accessible, now 1 minute of work costs only 0.02 $, and the system of discounts has become progressive. From 1 hour will be a discount of 10%, and from 6 hours already at a rate of 20%. But this is not all, now for any deposit from 50$ will be applied additional bonus of 20 % from all sum of deposit!

We expanded service limits. Now each user can create 10 tasks at a time, not 3 as it was before. The maximum duration of one task also increased and now is as much as 24 hours. For convenience we even added new shortcut buttons when creating new tasks.

But that-s not all. In beta mode, we are introducing a new setting - speed. Now, when creating a task, you can choose an average or maximum sending speed. They both work great, but the maximum will be a little better, but also a little more expensive, especially for those who care about a large number of messages sent in a short period of time. Thanks for reading and let-s go to work on the next updates.

Floodbox.org — International SMS & EMAIL Bomber from 0.05$ Konusu Araçları
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